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Infusing Personality on Corporate Blogs

July 12, 2009

1. First and foremost, determine and write for your audience.

Are they customers? Stockholders? Industry enthusiasts? If you pick more than one, devote separate articles to each, then tag or categorize them so your readers quickly find the one for them. Connect with your audience by showing them how they should trust what you’re telling them. Talk on their level. I like Rubbermaid’s blog for this.

2. Be current, but don’t use it as a press release dumping ground. is good at taking a news piece and giving it their own spin.

3. Encourage and empower contributors to speak freely. Have them write their own pieces as opposed to using PR ghost writers.

4. Encourage authors to publicly respond to comments in conversational tone.

5. Take a stance. Not everyone may agree with a post, but they’ll know what the author upholds. And sometimes a little disagreement is just what it takes to spur comments. (See my note below about Microsoft.)

6. Enlist multiple authors with different editorial styles. Edmunds is good at this.

7. Don’t use marketing speak and don’t push the product (unless it lends itself naturually). I can read about your products or services some other place. I want to learn something about you and your company.

8. Ask for input from your customers. It could be something one author would like help with. Rubbermaid does this well.

Coco-Cola also has a weekly contest they call “Friday Fun.”

You can read more about my this tip (No.4 in 9 Keys to the Perfect Corporate Blog on iMedia Connection’s blog).

9. Show personal, candid, raw photos. Tell people what you’re up to. Walmart got readers excited with their day’s activities at a gaming conference.

10. Admit when you’re wrong. Then tell your customers how you’re going to make it right. Dell does a great job at this.

Microsoft pulls in employees’ personal blogs. By doing so, they nail many of these tips right on the head. Here’s one example taking a stance.

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