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Why Glee Lives Up To Its Name

April 14, 2010

The Fox hit TV show Glee has social down. The team behind their social strategy and implementation knows their audience and they’re giving them what they crave. Here’s why it’s making so many teens happy.

1. The creator did his homework — socially. In a recent Oprah interview, Ryan Murphy (one of the creators) stated how he combed the web for inspiration. He watched tons of YouTube show choir videos to see real life talent.

2. They do social right. Glee is not the first show to create social profiles for their fictional characters (read: Mad Men). Still, they stick to character and make it worthwhile to follow. Fan their Facebook page or follow the show on Twitter and you’ll get cool extras, such as premiere party pics, preview clips and more. Follow one of the characters (like Rachel Berry or Sue Sylvester) and you’ll get a daily dose of your favorite personalities. Each character even has his own Facebook page.

3. They build community. Gleeks everywhere have created profiles on Fox’s site to show their love of Glee. The community spotlights members, bubbles up recent activity and most active members and encourages members to contribute and interact with each other. You’ll also find a plethora of fans on YouTube posting tribute videos.

4. They involve fans. First with a wiki. That fans can edit. Second with an open call for auditions. That’s right. If you want to appear on the show’s second season, record one of Glee’s top tunes and upload it to MySpace.

When you want to keep your theme, tone and enthusiasm for your brand (in this case Glee) going strong online, remember all that Glee has done right.


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