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5 Questions To Ask Your Social Media Candidate

July 30, 2010

When it comes to creating an impactful social presence, you get what you pay for. Anyone can attribute social media expertise to being active on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. But expertise goes beyond simple engagement.

Here are some questions to ask when determining the right person to work with your company.

How would you handle:

  1. An obscene comment on our blog?
  2. A negative comment about our organization?
  3. A bad experience with our product/service?
  4. Questions about our product/service?
  5. Low engagement?

It’s important to set-up diverse scenarios and think about risk planning before you launch your social media plan. What-if scenarios can be scary and hopefully they’ll never happen. But with the speed and domino effect of social media, you’ll be thankful you have them if something should occur.

Your ideal candidate needs to know your products/service and company well. And she needs to know who she can call upon in the company when she doesn’t know the answer.

You’ll also want this person to help you develop concrete content plans, including engagement activities. Plans should also include integration into and collaboration with other digital – and sometimes traditional — media. That means looking at the entire marketing and communications plan as a whole. It also involves understanding target audiences beyond demographics. What is going to interest your audience enough to cause them to take action?

These are just a few critical questions to think about when determining whether to budget for an intern or someone with real-world marketing experience.

What questions are you asking candidates?


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