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What People Are Saying

Have something nice to share about me? Say it here.

If there’s something I could have done better, please let me know privately. I’m always striving to grow, improve and deliver memorable products and experiences.

  1. jessica maxwell permalink

    Sarah is the Madonna of the literary world. In a blink of an eye, she can go from writing smart editorial content, to a snappy headline, to a witty blog, to a thoughtful, handmade greeting card. She’s a true innovator and always looking for ways to express her endless creativity.

  2. Sue Allen, Executive Assistant permalink

    With Sarah Jo’s help we spoke to a vulnerable student population-in their lingo. The new brochure was uncomplicated and said simply what needed to be said. It shared a story of hope with students that, for whatever reason, left high school. Sarah Jo developed an effective way for us to tell our special story about education and its capacity to change lives. I’ll never forget that brochure!

  3. Deanna Robb permalink

    Sarah Jo is a compassionate and dedicated volunteer for Beaumont Hospitals, Parenting Program. As our Newsletter Editor, she helped us “go green.” I am amazed by her creative and innovative gifts. Thank you for sharing your talents with us, Sarah Jo!

  4. Sarah Frye, Director of Public Relations permalink

    Sarah Jo is an energetic person that is an expert at social media marketing. She frequently comes up with inventive solutions and takes initiative to accomplish key tasks. Her many talents and innovative ideas will help revolutionize the creative advertising industry.

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